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Agile Chambers: Exhibiting performance and research

Agile Chambers was a week-long program (7-10 December, 2016) that included interdisciplinary workshops (Microlabs), open labs, performances, presentations and discussions aimed at exploring digital iterations of Chamber Made Opera performances created during the period of 2013-2016. The concept and program were developed in Microlab 3. The event was designed to expand the existing network of Agile Opera Project participants to include invited guests and members of the public.

Agile Chambers built on the principles guiding the Microlabs: participants as knowledge agents, speculation, reflection, and process. The event represented an intersection between the exhibition of experimental performance, and research-creation. This series of activities contributed to the creation of four Chamber Made Opera Digiworks: Another Other, Turbulence, Permission to Speak and Captives of the City.

Agile Opera is a collaborative research project between RMIT University and Chamber Made Opera to develop new operational models for performing arts organisations in Australia, especially those exploring experimental and niche artwork.

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