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Extending the aesthetic intentions of a live work into the digital domain

Digiworks are digital iterations of live performances. They extend the aesthetic intentions of  live performance into the digital domain, and enable new audiences to access works beyond their original showing.

Chamber Made describes a Digiwork as:

a stand-alone artwork that aligns with the themes and content of the original performance, but can be viewed, consumed and understood independently of the original performance. Digiworks may be presented in spaces or delivered via platforms outside of traditional performance spaces. Chamber Made may present a Digiwork in a range of ways, including public screenings, film or projection festivals, installations, open access exploratory labs, online or via other broadcast means such as radio or podcasts.

Digiwork versions of four Chamber Made productions were created in 2016: Another Other, Turbulence, Permission to Speak and Captives of the City, and creative development has commenced on a fifth work, Between 8 and 9.

Photo credit: Pier Carthew

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