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Supporting artistic collaboration

Agile Recorder is a capture tool to support artistic collaboration. Video footage captured can be clipped, tagged, annotated and shared, all on the fly. Creators can give clear and direct notes, supported by video, that are automatically compiled into a searchable database.

Agile Recorder has been used in rehearsal documentation and as a creative tool to enable new dramaturgies. It was trialled in the development of Nat Cursio’s dance work The Loop, in which dance workshops with children generated choreography for a new dance work. Footage captured through Agile Recorder was clipped and tagged to build a dance vocabulary in video.

Among the diverse applications for this software platform is supporting the creation of digital iterations of live performance works by enabling digital artists coming on board to follow the path of creative decision-making.

Agile Recorder is being developed by Melbourne-based design and development studio, PDA.

To become involved, contact Sam Mcgilp, PhD candidate on the Agile Opera Project. Email: [email protected]

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