Critical concepts


Each artistic work created by Chamber Made contains its own unique storehouse of potential ways its aesthetic intention might resonate iteratively. Complex influences and factors converge, compete and negotiate this complex genealogical pathway. Collaborating artists and aesthetic intentions rub up against technical realities, new disciplinary demands, and organisational challenges. The fidelity of audio-visual content is compromised in the creation of a multi-linear web-based iteration in order to allow the work to function as a website (Another Other). The evolution of a film-based iteration of another work demands the involvement of a film-maker, with the collaboration giving rise to hybrid iterative forms (Turbulence).

Artworks resonate in diverse and ever-evolving ways and spaces. Digital versions of an original live artwork, presented via non-traditional performance platforms (live or online), expand audience access. Extended and transformed iterations, evolve into new artworks in their own right. In this process of iteration, the DNA of an artistic work—re-conceived as potential source of new modes of creation, engagement and interaction—resonates. The artwork becomes the genesis for a continual expansion of reverberating co-creation between artists, company and audiences, sounding today and tomorrow (this time and next).

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